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Sustained release

Sustained release products dissolve slowly in gastrointestinal tract so the concentration of the drug in blood level remains for a longer time, which helps to reduce intake dosage frequency. Generally, the release of drug is controlled by swellable, permeable coating and matrix structure. Our range simplifies the production process and provides consistent drug release over time or target delivery where required.

Acrylic polymers like Acrycoat E30D (pH independent), Acrycoat S100 (pH dependent), Acrypol 971G (gel formation) are few examples.

Acrycoat S100 Acrypol 974P
Acrycoat FS30D Acrypol 971P
Acrycoat E30D Acryflow-L
Acrycoat RL Acrypol 912G
Acrycoat RS Acrypol 971G
Acrypol 934P Nutracoat EC25D

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