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Polymer R & D Lab

Our polymer R & D lab shares the same premise as our manufacturing unit, designed to foster new innovative polymers and troubleshooting during manufacturing, if any.

Our expertise in research and development activities mainly focus in acrylate field. We have successfully developed many speciality polymers in last 15 years. Some of polymers are developed and manufactured by us for the first time in Asia. Every year, we launch new, user friendly and cost effective products to cater our customers. Our polymer R&D Lab has all type of lab equipments required to act precisely and effectively along with scale-up pilot batch facility.

Corel is investing a good amount of revenue in personnel, equipment and facility for R&D activity. Our team is harnessing these advantages and breaking new ground in the development of tomorrow's polymers. Our experienced and dedicated team of scientists which includes polymer science graduates and chemical engineers for designing and developing polymer to provide new options to the industry to satisfy changing needs and provide cost effective solution to achieve goals.

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