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Corel’s marketing policy is to directly reach to customer, support them technically and commercially to the standardization of the application. We are not only in traditional marketing but we believe in techno-marketing. Our marketing team comprises of well experienced persons with appropriate technical and commercial skills, who are constantly in surge of increasing customer service and satisfaction levels. Our marketing team helps customers to select cost effective and best suitable choice of product. We are also offering custom tailored training sessions for users, distributors and sales people for our products. Our team is located in different zones of the nation for better time bound service.

The independent marketing policy gave us the opportunity to develop our own sales force early and later to accumulate significant expertise in marketing strategies, both for pre-launch and post-launch. Our marketing division, works very hard to build all brands. The success boosted our growth and made us the leading Acrylate based specialty polymer powerhouse in the world. Corel also has a strong distribution network across the nation as well as around the globe to meet customer’s demands.

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Our management system always ensures the right products in right place at right time. Our logistic team for export as well as domestic carefully analyzes lead time to reach final destination, minimum stock levels in ware house and pertinent costs. We try hard to build maximum efficiency in the supply chain. We have regular review meetings for our lead time of material to ensure customer satisfaction.

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