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Technical Service Lab

We realize that, to make our customers delighted only effective technical advice, sufficient samples, commercial support are not enough but providing practical input to real problem faced by customers is also equally important. This can be achieved only by having our own lab. Our technical service lab is located at Ahmedabad, Western part of India in the same premises of our head office.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include coating machines (conventional / auto-coater), compression machines, multi -mill, fluid bed processor, friability tester, rapid mixer granulator, planetary mixer, vacuum pump, extruder, weighing balance, brookfield viscometer, oven, spheronizer etc. We have a conference room for presentation and discussion.

All our technical staff has professional degrees with diversified educational and industrial backgrounds provide a wide range of expertise to handle many different type of problems. Thus, high level of technical equipment with a creative technical approach of experienced scientist guarantees high metrological precision.

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