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Acryflow L

Acryflow-L is chemically "poly 12 - Hydroxy Stearate". It is insoluble in water and soluble in Acetone & chloroform. It is a fine, free flowing powder and widely used in oral dosage formulations as an excellent tablet lubricant.

  • It has a non reactive functional group. (Magnesium stearate, which is generally used as a lubricant. It contains stearic acid and magnesium salt. Magnesium salt sometimes shows incompatibility with some API.
  • Lubricant efficiency of Acryflow-L is excellent.
  • It gives an easy film forming property and increases shelf-life of die and punch
  • It has a self shining property
  • It has a moisture resistance effect


It is a high molecular weight polymer so it cannot be absorbed by body tissue and is safe for human consumption. It has no physiological action at recommended dosage & it is non-toxic.


Store in a tightly closed container at room temperature. Keep away from moisture.


5 kg & 20 kg in laminated corrugated box.

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