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The Company

Corel Pharma Chem was started in the year 1990, headquartered at Ahmedabad, India with a vision to research and manufacture next generation polymers.

We made our beginning with Acrycoat series applications for pharmaceutical industry like film coating and enteric coating polymers. We are the first Indian company to introduce Acrylic based speciality polymers. But after that company has widened its target and horizon by generating series of product range like Acrypol, Kyron, Colorcoat, Acrysol, Nutracoat, Acryset, Acryflow, Acrysphere, Acryprint to cater industries like Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food, Herbal, Ayurvedic, Nutraceutical etc for the various applications like Film coating, Enteric coating, Sustained release, Thickening, Suspending agent, Solubilizer, Taste masking polymer, Super disintegrant, Lubricant, Topical application, Hair gel, Cream, Shampoo, etc.

Corel is one of the fastest growing speciality polymer company in India with around 35% growth rate per annum. The qualitative benefits of our products have crossed the domestic border and have more than 60% of exports business across 35 countries. Our polymers complies with international standards like USP/NF and EP along with USDMF, HALAL, KOSHER certificates are available for the entire product range.

Today, Corel offers total Pharma and Cosmetic solutions under one roof. We satisfy customer's need and expectations by offering innovative, best-quality polymers at competitive price with our continuous efforts, new innovations and better services thus we are always one step ahead.

We have a well equipped State-of-art technical service lab at Ahmedabad, one of the most important commercial hubs of India. Our team of scientists is dedicated for innovative applications for different industries. A centralized Quality Control & Analytical Research Laboratory has been set up to meet the domestic and international quality standards. Our marketing team and other departments also work from Ahemedabad headquarters. We have polymer R & D facility at manufacturing unit.

Our continued commitment to offering polymer flexibility and innovative solutions has proven to be a winning combination. Individualized attention of every team to the needs and concerns of our customers allows them to view us as an extension of the company - as team players working toward a common goal.

Future Plans

Corel continues to capitalize and expand its strengths in research and development of polymer technology to satisfy the specific needs of various industries like pharmaceuticals, personal care, nutraceuticals and food. Corel is also keen to replace some old age polymers and their application with next generation polymers. To maintain its leadership position in this chosen field, Corel plans to build second world class manufacturing facility to cater its growing demand for its products to meet global requirement of its valuable customers in coming years. Corel will continue all its activity for making tomorrow's polymers.

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